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What Is Rethink Opioids?

Numerous educational programs seek to address the problem of prescription opioid abuse. How is Rethink Opioids different? This initiative was established to support you as a health care provider in your efforts to cultivate appropriate use of prescription opioids for patients with chronic pain. Rethink Opioids provides practical information, resources, and tools that you can apply in the clinical setting, including a 4-step approach to applying universal precautions when prescribing opioid therapy for patients with chronic pain. Universal precautions are a set of uniform practices for prescribers that are applied to every patient.

The overall goal of Rethink Opioids is to facilitate change in the use of prescription opioids for chronic pain, so that:

  • Health care providers consider prescription opioids only when they are clinically appropriate, and apply universal precautions when prescribing them
  • Patients with chronic pain understand the risks of prescription opioids and embrace their responsibilities when using these medications, through dialogue with their health care providers

The Rethink Opioids initiative was developed through the collaboration of a diverse and distinguished Steering Committee and the sponsor of the initiative, Pfizer Inc. This collaborative effort is referred to as PROJECT ROOT.